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Rock Painting Supplies + Tips 

Rock painting is easy and many of us have the tools we need lying around already. But just in case, here is some helpful information to get you started:

Rock Any rock will work (and Westport has plenty of rocks!), but painting will be easiest when using a rock with a smooth flat side.

Paint Many of us already have some acrylic or tempura paint somewhere in the house. If not, these type of craft paints are inexpensive and available online as well as through your local craft store. Jerry's Artarama in Norwalk, CT has curb-side pickup available if you want to call in an order; just ask for a selection of paint colors from the children/student section - no expensive paints necessary! When painting rocks, a tiny bit of paint goes a loooong way. 

Paintbrushes or Paint Pens Small paintbrushes are your friend when painting details on rocks. Alternatively, acrylic "paint pens" work wonderfully for lettering a message on your rock or adding small details. Get creative - try using toothpicks to add dotted borders or look for other little tools around the house to experiment with.

Sealing your rock Before leaving your rock out in the wild you need to seal it so that the acrylic paint doesn't wash away or get chipped too easily. You will need something that will dry clear - ModPodge or acrylic medium varnish (both available at the craft store) work well. Alternatively, you can use a spray sealant like CrystalClear by Krylon. Make sure to give your rock a few hours to dry (or let dry overnight) BEFORE you seal your design, then simply brush on the sealer using a craft foam or soft bristle brush. If you have painted or written anything on the back of the rock, be sure to seal that as well.

Tips Paint a light or contrasting background color on the surface of your rock before adding a message - this will make your words or design pop! Make sure each layer is dry before you paint on top of it. If you need to "erase" something, acrylic paint can be wiped away with a damp paper towel. If you want to make a layer of your design permanent, coat it with your sealer and let dry. Then just keep painting on top! Don't forget a final coat of sealant when you are finished.

Need Ideas?


Check out our photo gallery of rocks made by other Westporters!


Or this inspiration guide from

The Kindness Rocks Project.

Tip for the Back!

Include your initials, the date,

or write #westportrocks on the bottom of your rock;

just remember to seal it after!

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