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About Westport Rocks

Westport Rocks emerged out of the Coronavirus crisis that hit Westport, CT in March of 2020. During a Zoom cocktail hour amongst friends trying to connect with one another during extended social distancing, Westporters Jen Greely and Lindsay Weiner shared the difficulties for themselves and their children in being apart from others in the community.


To pass time, Jen, a professional artist, was painting rocks with her three children, something they had done as a family a few years earlier as part of a national movement called The Kindness Rocks Project. Jen heard of other families independently picking up the same artistic activity to spread joy around town, and Lindsay, an educator and founder of The EQ Child, suggested creating a shared online space where everyone in Westport could join the movement to share these inspiring messages with one another. In April of 2020, Jen and Lindsay joined forces to bring the mission of The Kindness Rocks Project to Westport. Along with this website, they are sharing Westport's rock creations via Instagram @westportrocks and on a local Facebook group, Westport CT Rocks.

Together Lindsay and Jen are determined to help unite and inspire their community from afar, using art as a medium. They hope to collectively create a public art installation that will one day be on display in town as a proud reminder of Westport’s strong community spirit and never-ending enthusiasm for rallying together during difficult times.


Join with us to connect with community, inspire others, and help spread joy!

About Jen and Lindsay

Jen is a painter and printmaker, and an active member of the Artists Collective of Westport. Her professional work is in collections across the United States and can be viewed online at

Lindsay is the founder of The EQ Child,  a social emotional learning (SEL) consultancy and a family advocate for RULER, Yale University’s Social Emotional Learning approach that is rolled out in Westport Schools. Lindsay is also a founding member of the Westport RULER Community initiative, which draws on the principles of RULER to inspire family and community programming.

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