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Welcome to Westport Rocks!

Westport Rocks was created by two local friends who wanted to build community in Westport, CT during the Coronavirus pandemic at a time when everyone is practicing social distancing. The idea was inspired by The Kindness Rocks Project, an international movement with a simple purpose: to cultivate connections within communities and lift others up through simple acts of kindness.

Join us in spreading joy + connection throughout the community during this trying time of pandemic social distancing. Leave encouraging messages around town for strangers to find. Place a rock on the porch of a neighbor. Give one to a family member. Believe in the power of words + art to encourage, inspire, and mend.


The project is simple:

  • Paint a rock in any way that makes you happy

  • Seal it up (see rock painting 101 for details)

  • Send us a photo to share on this website and social media

  • Place your rock outside around town and start spreading smiles.

Open to all! Everyone can participate, from young preschoolers to retirees - no special artistic skills required, and rocks can range from simple painted color fields to something more intricate for the ambitious. Think of something that will spread hope, encouragement, and happiness, and you've got a rock!

#westportrocks - spreading #joy high and

Did you FIND a rock and are wondering what to do?

If it inspires you and you need the message, please feel free to take it home. Words and images are powerful, and we hope that you can feel the strength sent from a stranger every time you look at it. Or, you can take a photo of the rock and leave it for someone else to happen across, who might also need that same message of hope. If you have been moved by a Westport Rocks message, please send us your story in an email so that we can share with others:

For more about the locals behind Westport Rocks, please visit our about page.

Looking for Ideas + Inspiration?

Scroll through our photo gallery or

check out this downloadable .pdf

full of inspirational messages and design ideas from

The Kindness Rocks Project.

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